Journee was born October of 2019. At that time, I did not realize the true journey that I was about to take with my little one. From pregnancy, to delivery, to our first day home, I must say she has definitely taken me on a ride. Although there were some tough days, I always looked forward to putting together a cute & sassy outfit for Journee’. I launched this boutique because I saw the joy in Journee’s face whenever I cheered her on with my camera in hand, ready to capture every moment. I want every parent to see that sparkle in their little one’s eyes. My mission is to carefully hand select the most affordable, trendy, and adorable clothing to make it easier for busy parents to shop. So, in June of 2020, I decided to launch “Our Journee Boutique.” The boutique is  located in Illinois and all of the products are on site so I can guarantee a fast delivery.  I look forward to you taking your journey while sporting our trendy fashion.

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